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Time Management

UMD Resources:



The Counseling Center offers online academic and study strategy resources such as time management, overcoming procrastination, studying, test preparation, apps to help you track and achieve your goals, and more. 

Peer Institution Websites *

*Resources from UMD peer institutions offer valuable information. While most of the information can be used by any student regardless of where they are enrolled, note that some links may provide contact information/resources that are available only to that particular institution. Special thanks to our peer institutions.

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Being productive

Tips and tools on time management, setting goals and how to be productive by addressing procrastination, managing distractions, improve motivation, etc. (UNC Chapel Hill)

Read about productiveness
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Scheduling time

Self-guided workshop on time management, tips for schedule building, meeting goals, and breaking down big projects into manageable tasks. (Rutgers University)

Read Scheduling Tips

5 part video series on procrastination

(Ohio State University)


+ 3-part podcast (5 minutes each)


How to Stop Procrastinating: 5 minute video with a 3-step method for stopping procrastination

(Note: UMD does not endorse these external links. They are listed here as resources for your consideration.)

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