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Study Skills

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In addition to many study spaces available to students around campus, there are on-campus and off-campus resources to help you achieve your academic goals. 

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Quiet spaces

A list of indoor and outdoor spaces on campus for studying

View the spaces
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Counseling Center

Online academic and study strategy resources including info about the study cycle and study groups.

See Counseling resources
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A resource that students can schedule to aid with their online presentations.
One Button Studios

Peer Institution Websites:

Resources from UMD peer institutions offer valuable information. While most of the information can be used by any student regardless of where they are enrolled, note that some links may provide contact information/resources that are available only to that particular institution. Special thanks to our peer institutions.

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How to Study (videos)

A series of videos that covers the 10 principles of effective studying

(Samford University)

Watch videos
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When to take a break?

+ How to have an effective break

(Oregon State University)

Read break PDF
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Memory tricks

Memorization strategies, reading comprehension tips, reading effectively/ skimming, and more

(University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Watch video
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Long-term memory (video)

Learn principles for storing information in long-term memory effectively. 11 minutes.

(Ohio State University)

Watch video
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Short-term memory (video)

Learn how to combine information into chunks and use mnemonics to enhance memory. 10 minutes.

(Ohio State University)

Watch video
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Active Reading

Developing active reading skills + practice activities


Learn more about Active Reading
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Note-taking Guide

One page tip sheet

(Samford University)

View reading PDF
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Note-taking Tips

Tips about lecture note-taking, effective listening, short-hand note-taking tips 

(Penn State)

Read note tips
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Note-taking 101

Note-taking strategies, 10 great ways to use your notes, myths, and overcoming note-taking obstacles during lectures. Note that some resources listed are specific to Oregon State University.

Read note-taking PDF
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Active Note-Taking (video)

5-minute video from Ohio State’s Dennis Learning Center

Watch video
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Reviewing Notes (video)

7-minute video from Ohio State’s Dennis Learning Center

Watch video
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Pomodoro Technique

A time management technique that encourages focused work in 25 minute intervals with 5 minute breaks in between each. 

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